Bloom2Bloom disrupts online floral market through giving

Laurenne Wallman wants to give flowers to everybody in the world. Bloom2Bloom, the self-funded online flower company she launched with co-founder David Resnik in March this year, is on its way to doing just that. The startup sells curated, seasonal bouquets shipped directly from West Coast farms to the recipient’s doorstep.

SignNow CEO focuses on impact

When asked to sum up what he’s about in one sentence, Chris Hawkins, 29, co-founder and CEO of the recently acquired e-signature startup SignNow said, “Focus on impact.” Hawkins, who grew up in and resides in Orange County, says this is what he spends most of his time doing as an entrepreneur, co-founder, and in his

How to get into an accelerator, plus some great takeaways

Sam Teller (Managing Director) and Kyle Taylor (Director of Operations) of Los Angeles based accelerator, Launchpad LA, harnessed the force of Google+ by hosting a live hangout on air. With more than 90+ individuals virtually present, the duo made a second run through of an informative presentation that was given

Livrada CEO talks hard lessons learned

“I would like to write a book at some point,” said Leonard Chen, co-founder and CEO of Livrada, a digital solution to create the world’s best e-book buying, giving, and reading experience. Chen paused. “I don’t know if anyone would read it besides my mom.” Chen’s book would detail his journey leading the digital transition